Media Center

Well, I’m hooked. That’s the first step to solving an addiction, right?? I discovered Gable Lane Crates about a month and a half ago and now I’m completely obsessed with it. It kind of reminds me of those subscriptions that sends you a new box of shoes every month depending on your style, except you’re not obligated to buy anything ever, and you can basically buy unlimited if you want to. The very first box I ordered was the Mantle (Shelf) Vignette Original Crate, and it arrived lastweek! I was so excited to open it and see what I had received. Inside were two candle holders, a cute candle snuffer, and a legit hour glass. Luckily, I already knew exactly where I wanted to put them.

I think I need to invest in real candles one of these days…

Now let me rewind a bit. About three years ago when the hubby was rewiring all of our entertainment hookups, he already knew where everything was going to go. All of our outlets (normal outlet, USB plugs, HDMI cable plugs, everything) comes out of the wall between the end of our couch and the brick wall. And for about 3 years we have tried to keep all of our wires kind of hidden away, but were doing a pretty bad job of it. We have been keeping an eye out for some sort of media center, but we have been pretty picky about it. We didn’t want it to extend above the window sill, and it needed to fit the space. We also needed it to go with our farmhouse/rustic/industrial theme in our home, which luckily is all the rage right now. Then, one lovely Wednesday afternoon I decided to take a stroll through Ikea. Let me just say that I have now been to Ikea a total of three times. And the first time was when I was going off to college. I’m no Ikea pro. Anyways, as I was wandering around trying to make my way through the maze, I discovered their media center area. There were two that I liked, but this one stood out just a bit more. It was a little bit shorter in width than we were originally thinking, but I figured I could always return it if we didn’t like it.

It fit perfectly! And I have to admit I kind of liked how quick it went together. I didn’t have to make any cuts, extra trips to Home Depot, or worry about letting the stain dry before moving it inside. Don’t worry though, I will always be creating new furniture and decor in my house! I placed the media center in the space, and quickly realized a few flaws. My computer (which is next to our TV so that out TV can act as a monitor if we want it to) is too wide to fit into the hidden compartment area. So, I kept the computer on the floor next to the media center. Then, I originally put the sub-woofer into the media center. We tried watching a movie that night and the entire media center sounded like it was shaking form the vibrations. So that one came out too. With those two out of the media center, the space is actually filled perfectly! Someday I want to get a cheap laptop, and that will solve the computer issue. But for now, it works fine, and all of the cords are hidden so there’s no complaints from me!


Once I had the media center I knew I would be setting up the contents of my crate on it. I kept the top of the media center pretty clear, and just set the decor along the corner. I really love how it turned out, and I can not wait to get my next crate!



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