Queen Bed

With each big purchase we make, I feel more and more grown up. It’s a very bizarre feeling! Last weekend we bought a brand new mattress! It is so comfy and new and wonderful! We decided that we didn’t want our new mattress to be sitting on a 30 year old bed frame, so we looked around a bit for a new bed frame. It had to be pretty simple so it didn’t take up too much space. We also wanted one with at least a foot of space underneath for storage. And so that Loki can hide under there on weekend mornings. Nothing really fit our criteria and our price range, so I decided to make one.

I didn’t even go off of any plans! I found a picture of a bed frame I liked and went off of that. I made a few modifications after the hubby gave some suggestions, and we now have a nice, simple, new bed frame to go along with our new mattress!

My inspiration

I picked up some pine common boards and a couple of 4x4s and got to work. I used 1x5s for the side rails and 1x12s for the headboard and footer. Since we have a bench at the foot of our bed, I spruced up the design on the footer by giving it a framed look and removed the top rail. I used post caps on each of the legs to give it a finished look. For the headboard, I just attached a 1×5 along the top of the legs and across the 1×12. I then laid a quarter-inch thick board along the top of the rail to tie into the post caps. The base of the bed was constructed as a platform bed frame, so we don’t need a box spring, but we can have one if we want to. We decided to forego the box spring just because it would make our bed really tall. I like to plop down on my bed, not have to jump on to it.


I ran out of stain about half way through…luckily we live near Home Depot!
I used wood filler to fill in any gaps or seams in the wood. It took the stain pretty well, but if I was using a darker stain I think there would be a more drastic difference.
All set up and ready for the mattress!

We decided against painting the bed white since anything white seems to attract any dirt and dust on our dogs. I stained the bed using Minwax Golden Oak. I considered adding an overlay of Dark Walnut, but we thought it might be too dark for our room. I’m pretty happy with how this bed frame turned out, and we are one step closer to really completing our room!




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