Herb Garden

Happy Monday! This was definitely one of those weekends that felt a little too short. But at least I was able to get a pretty sweet little project in! A few weeks ago we received a few herbs that were already planted in little clay pots. I was really hoping they would just thrive on their own, but alas, that is not the case. We have already lost the basil (any tips anyone??), but I think the parsley and thyme are going to make it! Hopefully.

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We had just been keeping them on our table in the backyard so they would get enough sunlight. Our kitchen doesn’t get any direct sunlight, which keeps it cooler, but definitely wouldn’t be a good place to try to grow herbs. Lucky for me I still had one window to work with! First stop was Home Depot. I picked up three more clay pots so that I would have a total of six types of herbs. I then grabbed some oregano, cilantro, and (more) basil seeds. I also got really excited and picked up a jalapeno plant. There is already a little jalapeno on it! It looks small…we will see if it gets too big for my planter. I also got a copper duct strap to attach my pots to the window.

Now that I had everything I needed, I just cut the duct strap to fit around each pot and screwed each one along the window frame. I painted the names of each herb onto each pot, and planted my seeds and my jalapeno plant. I didn’t paint any part of the window or touch anything up. I wanted it to look super rustic, and it reminds me of something you would find in those really cool, intense gardens. I hung up the window using concrete anchors, so it shouldn’t ever fall. We will see how it holds up in strong winds, but I think it should be fine. I decided to hang it a bit high since we are going to raise our patio to be level with the house, so once that is done it will be at a normal height. As of now it’s pretty difficult to water each herb without spilling water everywhere. But I love how it looks, and I know they will get plenty of sun. Fingers crossed that everything grows!

Don’t mind our different paint colors on the house. We haven’t painted it since we closed off the original back door!


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