Craft Room Interior

I had a major realization this weekend. I never posted my final craft room! Final is a funny word. It might actually be completely finished one day, but for now I have the interior completed and functional. Keep in mind that I am not allowed to make the ceiling pretty. The hubby wants to completely replace the roof, so once that is done the ceiling will be completed too. Oh, and also, my door isn’t exactly fixed yet. But I have definitely been using the Dutch door feature already! The pups don’t seem to like it since it blocks their view of me and they can’t wander in as they please. A dog door might be in the future, but for now they can deal with it.

Anyways, it is finished for now! Once my cabinet was done I was able to put everything away. I am pleasantly surprised that everything has a spot! And I am able to store some of my scrap wood pieces under my table, which keeps them out of the way but still easily accessible. My original plan was to keep them outside along the side of my craft room, but they get covered with dust, bugs, leaves, and the list goes on and on. This way, I am forced to keep my stash somewhat manageable, and everything stays clean.

And I can’t believe how big the room feels! I was worried that once I filled it with my table and desk it would start to feel long and narrow, like it did at the very beginning. But instead it feels light and spacious! I am in a little bit of awe about that.



(yes…that is a Taylor Swift quote on my chalkboard wall. Why? Because she is awesome.)
The hubby and I have an ongoing battle over who gets custody of the screw driver.



What do you think about my crafting table?! When I turned 21, one of my best friends got me a plain, wooden table. Oh, college. Those were the days. We planned on using it as a beer pong table, and I have to admit it worked very well. Being the huge Disney fans that we are, we decided to paint it as Disney vs. Pixar. Genius! We definitely went all out. We even sprinkled some glitter around Tinkerbell. I think it took us about a week or two to paint, and then we protected it with about seven layers of polyurethane. We have been expecting a call from Disney for a few years now asking us to mass produce these, but alas, no call has come. Which makes this table a one-of-a-kind! And now it is the perfect size for my crafting table, and I am pretty sure I will never outgrow Disney and Pixar. How could you?


I think one of my favorite ideas on this table is how we covered up Mike Wazowski with the seagull from Finding Nemo. Get it?! Because he always gets covered up?? 

Don’t you love my desk? My dad made it for me for college. My parents and I have always been a little obsessed over the Life is Good brand. I think my mom and I have gotten t-shirts from every place we have visited with good-ol’ Jake on them. So he used that style as inspiration. Each figure is something that is important to me. Yes, ice cream is VERY important. The bike just represents the outdoors. Bicycles actually scare me. I’ve gotten run over by bikers too many times. Anyways… He carved out each little figure on there, and then used wood stain for all of the coloring. We had just heard of colored stains, so my dad was eager to try them out. To this day this is still one of my favorite pieces of furniture. Thanks dad!


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