Master Bathroom: COMPLETE

We officially have two full bathrooms! You would think that with just two of us one bathroom would be plenty. I honestly don’t know how families did it back in the olden days with only one. But luckily we don’t have to worry about that any longer! We went from two old, super dated bathrooms to two beautiful, updated, airy and open bathrooms. Also, I never thought in a million years I would be this excited about bathrooms. Go figure.

Here are a few shots of the master bathroom we had the pleasure of using for about 2 years.

Don’t mind my head in the mirror…
At least the toilet was newer…?
The very beginning of demo…I didn’t take any true before shots inside the shower. Can you blame me?

What a disaster! The layout was okay (we didn’t actually change the layout at all), but the space was tight and cramped. Also, not a whole lot of light was actually able to come through the window. The toilet area was nice and bright, and the light did make its way to the right half of the mirror, but that was it. The bathroom had a soffit where the ventilation came through. This shortened the shower and made it feel like a cave, and also helped block out the light from the window. To top everything off, the previous owners decided to lay down some brick vinyl for the flooring. I love brick and all, but not this way…

First things first. We demoed all of it. Not just the cosmetic parts. I mean all of it. We took the entire bathroom down to the studs! I learned that demo day has the potential to be fun, but in a tight space without a whole lot of ventilation, it can also be frustrating. I think the hubby had a little more fun than I did with this part. I was almost going to buy him a #demoday shirt. But then I didn’t. Maybe next project.

To get rid of the soffit above the shower, the hubby closed off the air vent tube leading into the bathroom. We just knocked that whole part down once we were clear. We knew we still needed an air vent leading into the bathroom (two actually), so we just found another spot for them. The air conditioner/heater vent now sits right above the door, and the bathroom fan vent is pretty much smack in the middle of the bathroom ceiling. Any time we can heighten a ceiling, we will. Especially when the ceiling is only like 7 feet tall!



Before we could reinstall all of the sheetrock, we needed to frame out our new shower. Our biggest concern was letting more light into the bathroom and making the shower feel more spacious. We decide to build a half wall for the side of the shower next to the toilet. We built it pretty easily, but we were definitely concerned with the stability of it. We followed every rule in the book youtube videos but we were still wary. In the end though, it worked out perfectly and is stiff as a board. We also installed a few inset spaces between the studs on one of the shower walls. This way, we have space to put all of our shampoo and everything without it taking up space. This is just a brief overall look at our shower, but stay tuned for a more in depth look at how we built it!

Shower is all framed out and has the cement board attached

Next up, we installed all of the sheetrock. The hubby (smartly) decided to use moisture resistant sheetrock. These are the types of things I just don’t think of. Thank goodness he is here! Sheetrock is a pain in the butt! But we did it. We did slightly change it up for the floors and the walls directly in contact with the shower. Those got moisture and mold resistant cement board. The original floors had started to buckle out due to moisture, so we weren’t going to take any chances with the new floor. We also painted over the moisture-prone areas with a waterproof sealer, which was hot pink! The hubby didn’t want to keep everything hot pink for some reason, but I was all for it! Heather over at Heathered Nest just did a whole post on how to sheetrock, so check her out if you want some tips and pointers!

Sheetrock got put up on the ceiling first


Shower all done up in its special coating
The area behind the sink and the floor got the coating too.

As we were putting up the sheetrock, we decided to go ahead and replace the sliding door. We chose a door design that we plan on eventually using throughout our entire house. We are currently thinking one door at a time to make the cost a little less painful. Anyways, the sliding door replacement was super easy! The original builders had actually stuffed the instructions into the door space, so we had those. They paper was about to fall apart, but we got through it!

After the sheetrock and door were installed, we brought in the vanity and then laid down the flooring. Side note, the main portion of the vanity is store bought, and I plan on featuring the vanity in its own post so you can fully understand what we did. I am very proud of the vanity, not going to lie. For the flooring, we went with tile, but the tile looks like weathered wood. We have to tell everyone we show that it is actually tile. Nobody believes us until they feel it. I couldn’t believe how realistic it looks! We used thin spacers between the tile, and the grout color matches the tile pretty well, so you really can’t even tell it’s there. I could not have imagined the floor turning out any better than it did!



Once we got the flooring in, we could install our toilet. This was such a rejoiceful moment! Again, this is something you don’t really appreciate having two of until one gets taken away. I think I just shed a little tear thinking about how great it was reinstalling the toilet…

Now we got to paint! While I was away for work, my mother-in-law painted the whole bathroom for us. We chose a white tint (barely off from stark white) to contrast the rest of the colors in the bathroom. It worked out really well because then we got to use this paint for a ton of different things, extending to different projects all together.

While my mother-in-law was painting, the hubby and his dad were installing a sort of instant water heater. It doesn’t replace our normal water heater outside, but it gives us hot water within seconds instead of waiting for hot water to reach from our water heater clear across the house and into the faucet. All it takes is a push of a button. It also works for our other bathroom and both of our showers. So far it has been very helpful!

That same weekend they tiled the accent wall. We knew we wanted an accent wall when we started the whole project, but we weren’t really sure of the type or which wall to accent. We chose the wall behind the vanity for a few reasons. One being that if we accented that wall, we wouldn’t need any blacksplash. We also figure that since it was the smallest wall that would make an impact, we could save some money. Worked out! We chose a small, stone tile that didn’t require any grouting. I seriously love this wall! It adds so much interest and texture to the bathroom, and was super easy (especially because I didn’t need to do any of it).


Then we tiled the shower! We chose a large tile mainly because I want the easiest space to clean as possible. I’m thinking that will work out well for me. We also went with a darker gray to go with the floor tile.  This process was relatively quick, we just had to wait for everything to set. And my fear of putting up the tile and having it all fall off the wall wasn’t an issue at all! Hallelujah! After the tile was done we were able to get the glass surround installed. We did hire a glass company to do this portion. That was not something I wanted to deal with. I feel like the glass would crack like crazy if I tried it! We attached the shower head and the knob and voil-la! A shower!




After that, we got to install the countertop! I can say with full confidence that we still love it!

We finished off the trim around the window and door, and all of the baseboards. We also installed a heated towel rack. Because, you know, why not?! Last up was the mirror! We were originally going to just frame out the original mirror, but when we tried to cut it to the correct size, the entire mirror cracked. Buying a new mirror with the exact dimensions is definitely the way to go. We attached the frame to it, hung it up, and stood back to check out our work. All done!

By far the fanciest window trim in our house
We even attached a timer so that we don’t have to remember to turn it off!



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