Book Bin Revisit!

Happy Friday everyone! I wrote a post a while back about a book bin I made for a friend of mine. It is now getting some use out of it! She and her husband welcomed their baby girl earlier this month, and oh my goodness she is so adorable! We recently went to visit them to meet their little girl and while we were there, we also got to see her final nursery. They did an amazing job on it! Her room is all decked out in pinks and grays, and will be able to transition into a toddler room and beyond when the time comes.

I took a couple of photos of the book bin in its rightful place. I am happy to say it looks amazing in the room. Luckily, it goes well with the rest of the furniture, and is looking pretty filled with all of the books they have received so far. Plus, the added shelf on the bottom is getting some good use too. I’m so glad I could help them out!



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