New Couch!

It has finally arrived! Our new couch came this weekend, and it is AMAZING! I’m pretty sure I took a nap on it every day so far. It’s also a lot harder to get myself motivated to do something productive since I have the option of just lounging around and watching Leverage. It is so great!

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We had a general idea what we wanted when we went looking for a couch, but finding it turned out to be harder than expected. We wanted leather so that it could stand up to the dogs. We figured a leather couch would be a lot easier to keep clean, and we are hoping it won’t soak in the dog smell. We also wanted a sectional, but we wanted the side going against the window to be low so that more light would shine in the room. We were lucky enough to be able to design a custom couch, and it really turned out perfectly.


I got some pillows and a throw at Target to add some color to the room, and I really think it’s coming along! I chose outdoor pillows in hopes of them lasting a little longer than normal. We will see how they hold up, but so far they are working out well.


I think eventually I will pick up an accent chair to complete the seating area, and maybe a floor lamp to put behind the couch. Our room is getting closer to being finished!


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