Living Room Shelves

Sometimes I have so many big plans and ideas in my head that I feel like I can’t get them done fast enough! Like right now, I really want our bathroom to be done, get the backyard looking like it could go in a magazine, paint the house, and finish replacing the windows. Of course, by the time all that is done, I will have another couple hundred ideas in my head.  Then I realize what I really want is to feel accomplished, quickly. So I start a tiny, small project that I know I can finish within a couple days, and I get to feel accomplished! Thank goodness it doesn’t take much!

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As I mentioned before, I really want to spruce up the living room. We have a burlap pin board that we have used to show off some photos hanging over the couch area, but I wanted to add small shelves on either side of it to give the wall some dimension. I was originally going to try to find some old corbels and put one on either side of the pin board, but I wasn’t able to find anything that really called to me. I do still need to go to the Habitat for Humanity Re-store one of these days, but I am a little nervous that I will try to buy everything… Anyways, I ended up finding some hexagon boxes at Target the other day and decided that if I flip them on their side, they would make cute shelves!  I picked up two of them, along with a small candle and two small, glass vases, and was able to have them hung up that same afternoon.

I first stained the shelves a dark walnut color, and then painted the white. I tried my hardest to let the stain dry all the way, but I got impatient and painted them anyways. They turned out looking really similar to my bathroom shelves (here), and I really like how the stain shows through.


As for the candle, I removed the label and used the mercury glass method of painting to make it pretty. Turns out I didn’t have any looking glass paint, but I did have shiny gold! I used that, and I think it turned out pretty good! Since the paint was super shiny, it still gave it a mirror-type feel, even if you can’t actually see a reflection.


I popped in a couple of (fake) flowers into the vases, and set everything up! I really like how they turned out, and I like that they frame the pin board. Little by little!



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