First Swim of the Year

It’s getting warm again! This past weekend we took the dogs to the lake for the first time of the year. We were there to work to get the camp all cleaned up and ready for the season, but for the pups it was pure fun! Within the first 10 minutes they were pulling us down to the water. We hadn’t taken them in about 2 years, but they clearly remembered.


At least there is water this year! A huge improvement from last year. And I especially love going up earlier in the year. Everything is still so green, and the lake is nice and calm since nobody has brought their boats up yet. Plus, we had the beach to ourselves while everyone started working! Total plus.

Kona instantly found a stick (or 10) for us to throw. I think her legs were fully engaged the entire day.


She went crazy over the huge stick…when the hubby threw it out for her, she saw it, said, “Nope, no way!” Loki ended up hauling it back in. He’s a champ like that.


Most of the time Kona would go out to get the stick while Loki waited at the shore line. Once she got close enough, he would fly into the water and try to take it from her. Neither would give up, so I’m sure to strangers it would looked like teamwork.



Loki would always win in the end, and Kona would just have to shake it off.



This should be a fun year for them!


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