Spring Refreshment

All of this beautiful spring weather has really gotten me in the mood to sort of refresh our living space. That, and our new couch is supposed to arrive any day now (!) so now is a great time to move things around. Our living space has a great, big window that looks into the backyard and really lets in a lot of light. It is also pretty open, so the possibilities are endless. I want it to be nice and light there. But I also want it to feel a little cozy and welcoming. I’ve put together a few ideas that have really been inspiring me lately. We will see how our living space ends up once the couch comes in!

The color that the pillows add makes this room feel ready for warm weather, and all of the wood keeps the room from feeling cold.

I love the feel of this room! And the light touch of greenery. Not overwhelming where it feels like a forest, just enough to make it fresh.

Layer Neutrals for a Relaxed Look

The pops of color on the walls and the tables make this room so inviting!

Add Privacy Without Losing Light

I don’t think I could get away with all of the different fabric patterns and colors, but I absolutely love this room!

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