From the day we started looking at houses the hubby made it clear that his Mustang needed to be in a garage and that it needed a 2-car garage. So basically my car would have to park in the driveway every day. As much as I like to give him a hard time about it, I am totally fine with that. Fast forward two years and he gets a new truck. Not just new to him, but brand new. And it’s a beauty. And huge. Totally cool. The problem is that my car got bumped to street parking. I leave earlier than him for work every morning, and normally get home before him. So, if I were to park in the driveway I would get trapped in. To solve this little dilemma, we decided to widen the driveway. This way, we could park side-by-side and not get blocked in. Plus, if we kept our cars at the beginning of the driveway, you could actually see our front door and all of our (future) curb appeal.

Luckily my dad and I had a 4 day weekend to knock out this project. It ended up taking us 4 full days of hard labor, but it was completely worth it! We were able to take out some of the grass along one side of the driveway, shift the sprinklers a bit, and get the base slab of concrete poured in two days. I did learn that our sprinkler system travels in some crazy maze under the lawn, but we figured it out eventually.

We found a random drain pipe…still don’t know what it drained
Framework for the base concrete layer
We even rented a mini concrete pourer!

It then took us 2 full days to lay the brick. I had toyed around with about 5 different brick designs, and after hours looking on Houzz and consulting my dad’s opinion, we decided with a simple pattern that would really frame the driveway. It was total luck with how perfectly it lined up. I was surprised how quick the brick placement actually went. The most time consuming part was getting the grout mixture in between all of the grooves and making sure there weren’t any voids. Not only does it look amazing and is super functional, it also looks like it is original to the house!

Mid brick laying process



They both fit!

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