Our two spare bedrooms are the two rooms in the house I don’t feel super rushed to finish. I want to take my time and see what they become. That’s what all of the designers out there say to do anyway, but I only have that type of patience for areas I am not in everyday.

I’ve been focusing lately on the blue room. It is the bigger bedroom of the two so I feel like I have more room to play with. I recently got a beautiful full-length mirror from Hobby Lobby and hung it in the space between where the bed will go and the closet. It fits the space perfectly and adds the character into the room that I was looking for. I’m not going to lie, I totally felt like Joanna Gaines when I bought it! Except I didn’t get it from a super cute antique shop or anything. But still! I was super excited!

I also knew I wanted a dresser for the room. We’ve been holding some furniture for my uncle at our place (which has worked out great) and one of the pieces was a tall, sort of Scandinavian dresser. The style was definitely not what I was looking for, but since it has been in there I realized I wanted a shorter, longer dresser. I found a simple, unstained, unpainted dresser from Ikea and thought it would fit perfectly! I could dress it up however I wanted without worrying that the drawers wouldn’t slide right from doing it myself. A definite plus.

The dresser as advertised at Ikea

I knew I wanted a sort of rustic, farmhouse look, but not overdone. I decided to stain all of the edges with Honey and then painted the dresser a darker charcoal color. I wasn’t worried about brush strokes since I thought it added to the style. I then sanded down the paint around some of the edges, but was careful not to overdo it. So far, so good!

Then came the drawer pulls. Part of me wanted to put glass knobs on it, but I thought it might be too glitzy. I headed over to Marshalls and picked out some cute, antique-looking knobs that ended up going perfectly in the room. Thank goodness they had enough of them! I will eventually need a bed in here, and I’m currently thinking a white farmhouse style bed with pull-out drawers. We will see what ends up happening there!


As a side note, I totally got the pink flowers off of one of our trees! Pretty, right?


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