Towel Hangers

Since we are currently redoing our master bathroom, we have had the chance to truly live in our guest bathroom. I (still) love this bathroom. Definitely no regrets on anything we did. That being said, we had only put up one towel rack. With two of us in there, plus the towel on the rack just to make it look pretty, we were needing to get creative on how to let our towels dry. Over the shower rod, on the door knob, in other rooms completely…you get the picture. So, we took a trip to Hobby Lobby and were on the hunt for some cute knobs. Originally, I was going to get a few different knobs and attach them to a white-washed board. I already knew where I wanted to put the new hanger piece in the bathroom, so that wasn’t an issue. When we were looking at knobs, we saw some awesome knob pieces that would go perfectly in the bathroom! They look like old, iron keyhole sets, painted a darker turquoise and off-white. We brought home three of them, and put them up! This was seriously the easiest project I think we’ve ever done, but it makes such a difference in the bathroom! Plus, when they aren’t in use, they still look fabulous!





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