Side Fence

Goodbye junipers and hello beauty! Now, before I show you everything we accomplished with this huge task, I gotta give a thanks to both of my parents and my hubby for all of their labor. They did such a great job!

Along the left side of our front yard, bordering the driveway, we had a ton of juniper bushes growing wild. I basically just steered clear from them so they wouldn’t attack me. I trimmed them down maybe a year ago, but those things grow wild. And don’t die.


So one rainy day we ripped them all out! I was originally just going to pay someone to take them out for me, but um, no, I am not paying $700 to pull out some bushes. Luckily my dad was super excited to do this for me! He brought over his chainsaw and other tools you’d see in a horror movie and went to town. I was in charge of clearing everything out. By the time everything was cut down to the stumps, we counted seven junipers. And those stumps were a lot bigger than you’d think! I was able to get one stump out mostly by myself. It was definitely the runt. Like, half as big around as the rest. But that was my Everest of the day. I have no coordination with an ax, so while the hubby and my dad got the rest of the stumps out of the ground, I tried to plant some new grass to cover up the bald spots. Big task, I know. Once all of the stumps were cleared away, our front yard looked so much different! Definitely in a good way! My dad rototilled the area the very next day, and everything looked incredible!


My mom and I went and picked out s few fence posts for the new area. We decided a short, split-rail fence would look great. It would give a bit of separation between our property and the neighbor’s, but would still be open. Once we got everything back to the house, my dad came by and helped dig out the holes for the fence posts while I mixed the concrete. We had the fence up within about 45 minutes! I am pretty sure that is record time. The time change made us work fast to get everything done before it got too dark!


My mom and I also picked up some gorgeous rose bushes from the local nursery. We weren’t messing around with the Lowes or Home Depot options here, and mom knows best, right? We got them back to the house and planted them alongside the fence. The first rose bush (right in the middle) was planted perfectly. There was plenty of space for it in the hole we dug and we poured in a ton of plant soil. By the last rose bush, we barely had enough energy to dig out the hole just big enough to fit it. Roses are hardy, it will live.



Last thing (coming up in probably a while) is to extend the driveway out towards the rose bushes. We want to be able to park both of our cars side by side, but we will see when we get to that part! So far, it’s prefect!

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