Side Gate

Well, I was fortunate enough to have a break from the real world for a little bit and had the opportunity to work on all of the projects I wanted! The curb appeal of our house has been pretty much non-existent. I mean, we tried to keep it looking at least reasonable, but nothing about it was exciting or pretty or homey. So I decided to focus a lot on that! Now, I restrained myself from working on anything too close to the house, since the front windows need to be replaced and we want to paint the house. I figured it didn’t make sense to plant anything right in front of the house just to watch it all get trampled on and destroyed later when we do more updates later. So first one up is the side gate!

When we bought the house the entire fence was pretty janky – see here. The gate was no better. We had attached a corrugated metal sheet to the bottom of the gate just to make sure the dogs didn’t escape. And you could basically snap off parts of the gate if you pulled on them hard enough.


So basically, we needed a new gate. This has been my inspiration for a few years now, but I decided to go with a little bit of a different stain – Early American. I used regular pine wood boards for everything, but made sure to stain and seal them with weather-proof sealant to protect against sun and rain. I am pretty sure I will have to re-coat them every couple of years or so, but I am okay with that. Everything was surprisingly simple. The trickiest part was getting the top to curve evenly and make it smooth enough. These are the times when I am thankful that I have a good eye for balance. I chose all black hardware for the gate, which ended up going perfectly with the stain I chose. I love how it make at least the side of our house look nice from the street! Little by little, our home will have the best curb appeal on the block!




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