You guys. I am so excited about this post! I finally finished off the drywall (after a few long hours after work while procrastinating real housework)! And not only that, I painted them!!! Oh my gosh it’s a real room. Like really! Paint on the walls, laminate on the floor, and a window that works and lets in the breeze! Now I can really decorate! Of course, I still need to turn my door into a dutch door, which will be coming soon, but the big stuff is done and the room can finally be used for its true purpose – creating!!

Pre-painting stage
Pre-painting stage


So first things first. I got a gallon of primer paint. I didn’t even have them mix in any color. I knew I needed to just cover up the drywall before I got more expensive paint. The drywall can really just soaks in the paint, so I thought it might take a lot more layers to cover. The walls were stark white! Obviously, I can’t just have white walls. I love how white rooms look, don’t get me wrong. I just know that I would get tired of them quickly. I always need some sort of color.

White walls!
White walls!


Don’t mind the very top edges…I’m filling those in tonight and that upper portion will just stay white

For the two regular walls, I chose a very light, creamy color. I found this awesome idea from iCreativeIdeas to use a broom to add some texture to the walls. It gives the walls a kind of streaky look without being overpowering. To be honest, I thought that the texture would show up a lot more, but I absolutely love how it turned out! The walls are neutral (which balances out the other two walls), but still have some character. Doesn’t it look great?!



Up close and personal to see the texture
Up close and personal to see the texture

For the back wall, I knew from the beginning of time that it was going to be a chalkboard wall. I toyed with the idea of slapping on some magnetic paint under the chalkboard paint, but decided it was too pricey and finicky. Especially since I don’t think I would use a magnetic wall a whole lot. If I want to have some sort of magnetic board in the room, I can always make one later and hang it up. Originally I was just going to paint the wall like a regular black chalkboard. Then I went to Lowes. Oh my gosh they have so many colors you can choose from! So there in the paint section, I decided to choose a different, vibrant color. Picturing what was done in the room already, I decided on a teal color to compliment the J on the wall. Plus, we have some teal/blue in our house, so if there’s anything that ties the craft room to the house, this was it. There were a few different shades of teal that I could choose from, but I went with a darker shade (not too dark though) so that white chalk would show up well. I love how it looks! I can’t get enough of it! What do you guys think of my finished* room?!?!



*Yeah, it will never actually be done. Like, ever.


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