Pallet Wall Decor

So since I have project ADD, instead of finishing off the window wall, I started decorating the pallet wall. I’ve been toying around with how I want to set up the room, and finally decided that I want a tall cabinet in one corner and some sort of peg board organization on the other. In the middle of the wall, I wanted it to basically just look really cool when you look through the window. I found an awesome J (for our last name) at Homegoods and knew I had to use it! I then decided to put up some shelves on either side of the J. I got some pretty basic brackets from Lowes, and then spray painted them gold to give them a more glamorous look. The shelves were also from Lowes, and I was so excited that they were already white! No painting means no stickiness, so I could put things on the shelves right away! In hindsight I probably would have positioned the brackets a little differently, but this way adds some character. Plus, once everything is done, I’m sure it will be perfect, At least one of the walls in the room looks awesome! Three more to go!




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