Window Part 2!

We have finished the window! You might remember this from before:


Now it has been completely upgraded and (mostly) completed! While I did update the window mostly by myself (see more on that here),  I definitely had help with the actual install. I helped out with making the actual frame for the window. My dad picked up a ready-to-assemble door frame kit, and we just needed to make one more edge for it.

All of the different pieces
All of the different pieces
Frame assembled and checked that the window fit!
Frame assembled and checked that the window fit!

It was really nice that three of the sides already have weather stripping on them, so I just needed to paint the last edge and attach some weather stripping there. I also learned a few new tricks on my table saw, so that was pretty cool. I’m getting more and more handy every day!

My hubby did all of the demo, and then my dad jumped in to help with cutting out and reframing the hole for the window. Honestly, this was when I finished up my pallet wall, so it worked out for me! Then, they checked to make sure that the frame fit, and thank goodness it did! No shims required!


Notice the bare edge on the left? That was the only side we needed to make from scratch. (And also, I love how the wall looks through the opening!)

Next up was probably the trickiest part. We had to somehow attach the window. The problem was that the window needed to be open in order to screw the hinges into the frame along the top. The hubby pre-drilled the hole for the center screw on the center hinge, and then the two of them held the window up while I attached the hinge. Luckily it was perfect placement, and we didn’t have to take the window out and re-screw anything. The hubby and I then switch spots – I held up one side of the window while he pre-drilled and screwed on the rest of the hinges. Once all of that was said and done, it really started coming together!


So far so good! The hubby had taken off the hydraulic struts from his old Explorer (which went to pick-n-pull shortly thereafter), and those were used to hold the window open once it was unlatched. We attached the struts like they were attached to the Explorer, and they worked perfectly! The window just needs a little push from the inside, the the struts do the rest! I still get nervous every time I open it because the window swings pretty quickly at first, and then slows down at the top (basically like a soft-close drawer), but they work like a charm! And I was really happy that the window opens to a full 90 degrees.




Lastly, I attached a cute little drawer pull I got from Home Goods on the inside of the window. I haven’t decided if I want to put a pull on the outside of the window yet, so we will see once I have more of the room done. And I still need to paint the frame, and I am hoping to add a pretty frame around the entire window, but that can’t happen until I get basically everything else done, so this is where the window will be at for a while!




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