Photo Collage

I have always loved the look of photo collages on blank walls. I absolutely love our brick wall in our house, but it did look a little lonely. Here is what it has looked like for the past two years:

Holy smokes, our pups were tiny!

I figured now that we have gotten all of our wedding photos back (shout out to Madison Weber Photography!), we have plenty of photos to choose from to hang! I went to Marshalls and bought a ton of random frames, but made sure they all had the same kind of feel to them. We also got a couple really amazing frames as gifts, and an awesome sign made just for us. I decided to put them all together, and make our wall a little more exciting and warm. And it was an added bonus that I learned how to actually mount things to brick! That has always boggled me…What do you think?




2 thoughts on “Photo Collage


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