Table Top

There is so much to do before the wedding! I was able to check one item off of my to-do list: a table top for the dessert buffet! The venue has some wine barrels just lying around (!) so we are going to use two of them as the “legs” of the table, and we are providing the table top. Originally I was just going to get a piece of plywood and cover it with a table linen, and then throw a table runner over it. Then we got to thinking it would be cool if we left it bare wood under the table runner, with kind of a rustic vibe. Plus, as a bonus, after the wedding I can write some clever saying on it and hang it up outside somewhere.

I ended up getting 5 6″x6′ boards and a thin 2’x4′ sheet of plywood. With my handy dandy new table saw (that I absolutely LOVE) I cut down the boards so that they were 5 feet long. The wine barrels are 27 inches in diameter, so I decided to make the table 2.5 feet wide and 5 feet long. I didn’t want to make it so big that the desserts would be too spaced out, but big enough to just cover the wine barrels.


After I had everything cut, I got to distressing! I have never distressed wood before, but I have been wanting to for quite some time now. I started by hitting the wood with a hammer all over the place. Then I used something that reminded me of a railroad nail (total guess, but I happened to have it at the house) and hit the wood with the pointed end. After that, I took a thin screwdriver and scratched the wood all over. I had also purposely chosen some of the more beat up boards when I bought them, so that helped too. This whole process was pretty therapeutic, I’m not going to lie.

Once I had enough marks on the boards, I started to stain them. I had a paintbrush covered in white paint in the refrigerator for at least 6 months (because I was obviously going to need it at some point in my life and refused to just wash it), so I ended up using that brush. I figured any white paint that was still wet on there would just add to the rustic-ness of the wood. And I was right! I used a dark walnut stain and dipped my brush right into the can and started staining the wood. The mix of the paint and the stain really made the wood look perfect! I did add some white pickling stain over the top just to add a little something extra, and I love how it turned out!




When everything had mostly dried, I flipped the boards over and laid my plywood sheet over them. I screwed the plywood onto each board to hold everything together, and also to make sure that the top of the table top would be flat. I flipped it back over, and just admired my work. It sure feels good to be building things again!



5 thoughts on “Table Top

  1. Very nice! Also, congratulations. I haven’t seen your posts in my feed here for a while and never noticed there was a wedding coming up. 🙂

    As for that frozen paintbrush, I can commiserate! I was confused by a paint-roller cover the other day, and I frequently have brushes in there for months. 😀

    1. Thank you!

      Yeah, I think we now just have a paint roller and maybe 2 paintbrushes in there now…Maybe someday we will have that space filled with food. Since that is what is actually supposed to go in the fridge 🙂


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