Pup Fun

After an extremely hectic two months, I am finally back to normal! Now I can just relax, work on some home and wedding projects, and live the good life.

The weather has been so nice here, and we wanted to get out and take the pups for a little adventure. This past weekend we took them on a long walk, filled with so much to see for them. I am so proud of them! They only barked at two of the other dogs we saw along the way, out of probably about 15! A big improvement for us. They also discovered ducks for the first time. They saw one duck, but didn’t really show much interest since it was staying pretty still. Then the duck quacked and set the pups off. Kona wanted to chase it so badly, and Loki was just crying because he couldn’t reach it. I think we have some potential hunters in the making!

We found a huge lawn area along the way and stopped to let the pups rest before continuing on. Take a look!

Kona found an oak ball for us to throw for her
Kona found an oak ball for us to throw for her
Loki couldn't care less
Loki couldn’t care less
She loves fetch
She loves fetch
Loki loves to relax
Loki loves to relax

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