Wall Ideas

Hi everyone! I feel like it has been an incredibly long time since I posted anything, and I miss it! I have been crafting, don’t worry! It has mostly been wedding crafts though, and there are so many (better) blogs out there about DIY wedding invites and the likes. When I get to the decorations, I promise to share those!

Now, on to the important stuff. I’m almost ready to put up the walls in the craft room! I have put in the insulation and am just about done with the sheet rock. It’s seriously so much cozier already! Here are a couple of shots while I was installing the insulation and sheet rock:



That back wall with the sheet rock was definitely my practice wall. I figured with my ideas for that wall, the sheet rock didn’t need to be perfect. Thank goodness since I was so far off on holes for the outlets. And I snapped a few corners of the sheet rock. You live and you learn I suppose. So now (what I am SUPER excited about) I can show you my grand ideas! I swear, once these are done it will feel like a perfect little place to create in.

For the back wall – the one with the awful sheet rock job – I am going to have a pallet wall! I think I want the widths of the boards to vary, but I can’t quite decide if I want a more natural look or if I want to make some of the boards colorful and then rough them up a bit. I found a couple of pictures of each idea, what do you guys think?

Pallet wall colors Pallet wall shades

If I did go with the colored option, I think I would tone it down a little bit from the picture shown. But I really do love color, and I think I could keep it from being too overwhelming. I also want to put a couple of shelves across the entire wall. Those will be wooden too, so that they almost blend in. I will need tons of storage space in here though, and I think it will look super cool.

The wall opposite of the door will be so fun. I can. Not. Wait. I am going to make it a chalkboard wall! The whole thing! From top to bottom! So fun! Normally I hear about how people think that chalkboard walls look cool but that they will get messy and chalk dust will get everywhere. But in a room where it is basically supposed to be messy and there will be a bunch of crafting supplies everywhere already, I think it will be perfect! To add on to that, a friend of mine gave me the great idea of first painting the wall with magnetic paint. Genius! So the wall will be both chalkboard and magnetic! My mind is so blown.


Luckily the days are getting longer so maybe I can actually get these walls up in the relatively near future!
PS – If you click on each picture it should take you to their sources. Thank goodness for the internet!


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