Door Upgrade

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! I seriously can’t believe the year is over! So much has happened this year, and I get the feeling that every new year will just keep getting better and better. I hope everyone has a great night tonight, whatever your plans may be!

Once I got the flooring put in, the future hubby mentioned that I really need to fix the door. Not completely finish it (I have big plans for it once I get around to it), but seal it off from any water that might sneak in from the rain. Before I started tearing down the room it didn’t seem like any water was getting in, but when I put in the floor I needed to shave off the bottom of the door just so that it would close. There was supposedly a storm coming so I knew we had to do this quick. I bought a door threshold and door sweep and we figured it was only going to take an hour to put on. Unfortunately we were both a little rushed and tried to do things quicker by just estimating how much we needed to cut off. That did not work though. Always measure! It took us a little while to get the right door height, but once we did the door was perfect! No water was going to get in there and ruin my floor!

While we were working on that, I also changed out the door knob. Basically, the original knob didn’t work. It latched, which was good, but that was about it. Luckily I had bought a door knob (about a year ago) just for this door, so it was pretty easy to install. I do also have the deadbolt lock for it, but I will wait to put that on until I am really finishing off the door. I also put super fat weather stripping around the door frame. I will probably put new stripping once I repaint everything, but it works perfectly for now! Let me just say, the storm came and went, and no water made it in!





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