New Fence!

Let’s face it. Our fence is falling apart. It is the original fence and the previous owners didn’t want to replace it. It is very garden-esque, but when it is being held up by wires all over the place and there are slats missing, something needs to be done. Our neighbors brought up hiring someone to fix one side of the fence. We got a quote from “their guy” and knew instantly that it would be an awful fence. He only wanted to replace the bad sections. When he went to test out a post that he thought was in good condition, it crumbled in his hands. So basically we knew we would either have to fork out a ton of money to get a job well done or do it ourselves. A few months later we got around to it! It was a lot of work, two long weekends, and limbs that are so sore we can’t move, but we got it done! It seriously consumed our lives for two weeks. But it looks great! One side down, two to go! Maybe next year we will do the back…

Here is some of the old fence. You can’t really tell but it is leaning way into the neighbor’s yard.


I didn’t get pictures of the demo :(. I was so focused on just helping to destroy the old fence I forgot on both weekends!! We used metal posts so that if we do ever need to fix anything up, we will only have to replace slats, never the posts (i.e. never needing to jackhammer out concrete again)




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