RISE Festival

Even though this post doesn’t fall into any of my categories, I had to share this with you! This past weekend we took a trip over to Vegas with a few friends. We did do a little of your typical Vegas scene. You know, gambling and walking around the strip with those ginormous fruity frozen drinks of deliciousness. But our main purpose for the trip was to go to the RISE Festival! This was the first year that this festival was put on, so of course there were a few hiccups, to say the least. But the festival itself was incredible! Thousands of floating lanterns lit up the sky. It was a scene straight out of Tangled. I’m not even exaggerating. We got to write and draw on our lanterns, which made for some pretty amazing pictures. There are no words to describe how amazing everything was with all of the lanterns floating away. So I will just show you some pictures and hope that they capture the magic!





Oh PS: The BF and I got engaged! Let the planning begin 🙂

The last three photos were taken by Matt Schuck, so if you need a photographer, check out his website! schuckphotography.com




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