First Fall!

This is the pup’s first official fall! They were born mid-October, but they were too young to really enjoy it and not even allowed outside, so we were super excited for all of our leaves to start to fall! We have a couple of pretty good piles going already, and I am kind of wishing that the tree would just stop losing its leaves, but that is only a dream. This past weekend I raked up a pile on the lawn for the pups to play in, and their personality differences couldn’t show any more! We would throw Kona’s rope into the pile and she would completely nose dive into it. Then she would realize she didn’t actually get the rope on her first try, so she would have to really dig for it. I really wish I could put up a video of her, but hopefully you can just imagine it 🙂 Loki would get the rope every once in a while, and then lay in his new pile and be completely covered in leaves. I love these little pups!





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