Pendant Lights

I was told that before I could do anything in my craft room I had to figure out the electrical work. I have looked into some different options for under-counter lighting, and have kind of thought about where I want my outlets. But what I’m most excited for are my pendant lights! I went over to Home Depot and picked up these lights.

old light

They were in stock and I liked them enough. When I saw them, I realized that I want the room to feel girly and pretty, but still grown up. So what is that called? Glamorous? I only bought two of them since they were $70 each! I kind of felt like I was settling, but I could definitely live with them and be happy, you know? I was browsing online (like always) and came across the best idea ever! I first found this beauty over at Dear Emmeline. I love how it is perfect but still has character to it!

Then I thought, well if I want it girly, instead of staining it I could totally make it super glittery! Oh my gosh I am so excited about this!
I had looked into making my own pendant light before and I never really found the perfect pendant light kit for the price and look I wanted. And when I did, it turned out that the lights had to be plugged in. Sorry for being difficult, but these have to be hardwired. It makes it look so much cleaner! Lo and behold I found this fabulous idea over at Epbot! It would work perfectly!! I spent about half of a second deciding if I really wanted to try making my own light, including all of the electrical, and then I thought, why not? It’s really the only way to get exactly what you want, right? So I got the steel gray twisted 2-wire, the satin nickel steel brass sockets, and the nickel ceiling canopies over at Snake Head Vintage. If you make it over to that site, be ready to spend some time there. They seriously have so many options to drool over. It’s amazing.
Once I got all of my materials for the electrical work I put together the wire and sockets. It was super simple. I just followed the directions on Epbot and waited to get everything else for my lights!
I got everything else for my lights from Michaels. All I had to get were six embroidery hoops, three wooden blocks, and two bottles of glitter spray paint. I decided to make one 14-inch lights and two 10-inch lights. Partly because they only had two 14-inch embroidery hoop sets in stock, but also because I wanted to make the middle light stand out a little bit. Once I got home I immediately drilled my holes through my wooden blocks and hung everything up to be glittered.
*After note: I ended up using three bottles of glitter spray. With two I was able to get most of the lights covered, but I could still see some of the wood peeking through. I had some time on my hands, so I went to town with the third bottle. And it looks so much more glittery and fabulous!
Once it all dried I took them inside and followed the directions on Dear Emmeline. I did have to change how I attached my hoops to the square blocks since my hoops didn’t have wooden blocks on them. I pre-drilled tiny holes into the blocks and screwed the hoops onto the blocks. I think they are a bit more secure this way, too, but it isn’t like the hoops are all that heavy.
Then came all of the electrical wiring. It took me a while to decide how I wanted to actually attach my pendant lights to the ceiling. I really didn’t want to lose the peak, so I decided to make a faux beam running along the peak with the wires and everything along the top of the beam. I was originally going to make the beam look like it goes to the ceiling by adding sides to it, but I am not sure I really need those. I like how it looks as it is! I do still have to take out the cross beams, which will make the lights stand out even more. I think I am waiting for that until I get eh floor all fixed up though, and I am hoping to keep the one on the end to make a sort of shelf/storage type of thing.
All that was left was hanging up the lights! That is always a piece of cake. Just twist the wires together, screw on the caps, and attach the plate cover! Aren’t the perfect! I love them! Now I have to take off the cross beams so that they really stand out! Yay for progress!

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