Craft Room Update

Well, it’s been completely gutted! It is a lot bigger without all of the shelves and closets and desks. I feel like Tiana from Princess and the Frog where she is in an old, beat-up building and sees how marvelous it can be, while her mom is like, oh my gosh, what is happening. Here are a few pictures of my blank canvas!






Anyways, apparently I need to figure out the electrical work before I can stick in the insulation and get the walls going. I want to put three pendant lights down the middle of the room, and then some under counter lights along the back wall once I get my open shelves going all the way across. I think I am also going to look for an old desk lamp for my desk on the side with the window. I took out all of the wiring and existing outlets and switches, so I really can do whatever I want. I think the trickiest part is going to be deciding where I want my outlets. There are so many options! Take a look at some of the pendant lights I am looking at! Ah, I am so excited!






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