Multi-Use Daybed!

It is finally finished! When we first got the puppies we got them one big kennel to share. It was not the prettiest sight in the world though, and we knew we could do better. I also knew that I wanted a daybed in the computer room, but I had originally wanted a small, dainty one. The BF, however, had an even better idea. What if we combined a daybed and kennels for the puppies?! I was so excited to get started on this! I even drew out some plans in AutoCAD.

Bed_Kennel Layout


Most of the daybed was pretty simple. I was a little worried that it would turn out clunky since each end and the back would be solid. I wanted the pups to feel like they were in a den when they slept. In the end though, I think painting it white gave it the right balance of a den-like space without being clunky. I still can’t get over how easy the bed frame part was. I had measured out the height, but after putting one end together we realized it was a little too tall. So I took a board off the bottom of the end and cut the legs. Other than that, there weren’t any major changes I had to make!

Then came the drawers. I knew we needed some hidden storage space in this room. I had originally thought it would all be computer junk, like wires and cables, but as it turn out, we use the top drawer mostly for the dog’s things, like leashes and halters. The bottom drawer was always intended to hold files, so I found a pretty sweet idea that would keep the files standing. During the drawer process I learned how hard it is to make things perfectly square and balanced. After a long, frustrating couple of days I was finally happy with how the drawers were sliding in. I got the soft close drawer slides (since I think they are probably the coolest thing ever) and they work really well on the bottom drawer! The top drawer is a little finicky, but it works good enough for me! Looking back I probably should have made the drawers unattached from the bed frame and slid them in, and then screwed in the back drawer frame to the bed frame, but hindsight is always 20/20, right?

Rails for the files in the bottom drawer
Rails for the files in the bottom drawer

The kennel doors held us up the most. We did get right to work on Kona’s future kennel since we wanted them to start sleeping separate. It’s not that they were complicated, it was just hard to be motivated to finish when Loki was using a perfectly good kennel to sleep in and Kona’s was done. We cut out the frame for each door and attached the top bar to the two sides. The the BF (since I am not a perfectionist enough) drilled holes into the top bar so that the metal poles could fit tightly in. Then he drilled the holes in the bottom bar and kept them lined up with the top bar. I painted everything that I could, and then we just slid the metal bars in and screwed on the bottom bar of the frame. We used specialty door slides for these. The kind of slides where you pull the door out from along the side and then swing it closed. Luckily my parents had some spare slides lying around so we didn’t need to wait for an order to come in. They were a lot easier to install than I thought they would be, which was a very nice surprise! Like I said, we finished Kona’s right away. About six months later we finally got around to finishing Loki’s, and now we have so much extra space in the room! I can’t wait to start my bookshelf that will go there now!


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