Crate Shelves

I decided that the bathroom is never actually going to be done. We finished most of it, but we have the new window sitting in our garage, so I want to wait until we put that in to show the final product. So in the mean time I was able to make some adorable shelves out of crates! I’m sure you’ve seen something like these around, and I love the almost country-home feel to them. I was deciding between white crates with some darker stain showing through and colorful crates. I ended up going with white and figured I could add in color by what I put in there. That way, when I decided I want new colors it’s easy to switch out.

Basically, I did everything wrong, but they ended up being more perfect than I could’ve imagined. I just bought the crates from Micheals for about five bucks each. I know I could’ve made them, but for five bucks it was worth buying. Plus I wanted to get them in NOW. Lack of patience does that to you. I stained them using dark walnut stain from Minwax. I didn’t wipe off the excess stain like you are supposed to, mostly because I was lazy. Since the wood was so thin, I am pretty sure I completely saturated each slat because even after 24 hours the boxes still have some stickiness to them. But like I said, I wanted them done so I decided to go ahead and paint on the white. I used the same white I had laying around from all of the trim throughout the house and painted it on. I’m guessing it was because the stain wasn’t dry yet but the white had a streaky effect to it and really still showed the dark stain. I originally thought I was going to have to sand it down, but once it was all said and done, they were perfect as is! Everything I got to fill the shelves was from Target. What a dangerous store – never gone in and come out empty handed 🙂 What do you think?!

The staining process
The staining process
Stained and mostly dry
Stained and mostly dry
All done!
All done!

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