Bathroom Update – Vanity Top!

These past couple weeks were big in our house! The bathroom is really taking shape with everything we have been doing! The drawer and door faces came in recently, and they ended up being super easy to paint. We did hit a bump when we realized that the existing drawer faces didn’t just pop off, so the BF had to slice them off using the table saw. It worked perfectly in the end, but it wasn’t quite what we were expecting. After he had the old faces off, I used my nail gun skills and put the new ones on. I got some cabinet door rollers at Lowes and we decided to just go with white for everything. I am holding off attaching the doors so that we don’t bang them up, but I am really loving how everything is turning out!

Pre-painted drawer faces
Pre-painted drawer faces


We also repainted the bathroom. The BF talked me into it. It turned out really good, and I’m glad we did it. It wasn’t anything I was hoping to do though, so I made him do the ceiling at least. The color is Vintage Gray from Valspar. I really like the almost blue-ish tint it has, and I think it might be easier to find ways to add color to the bathroom now.

We have also put in the vanity! Oh my gosh I am so excited for this! We had bought a pre-made vanity top, complete with a sink and a backsplash. However, since we have a very specific cutout of the wall where the vanity goes, it wasn’t going to fit perfectly. We had to cut off about an inch from each side, and we took a little off the back. I knew it was heavy going into it, but wow. Afterwards I couldn’t move my arms because they were so tired from holding it up while the BF fed it through the tile saw. It turned out beautifully in the end and I love it!



Up close and personal
Up close and personal
After we have started the floors, but notice the faucet!
After we have started the floors, but notice the faucet! And the drawer hardware!

We are hoping to finish off the floors this weekend! Fingers crossed!


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