Entry Way Closet

I know a ton of people post tutorials on how to transform your entryway closet into a mini mudroom, so I thought I would just show how mine turned out. We had 4 hall closets at the beginning of the house remodel, including one long sliding one that can store a ton of stuff. So I didn’t feel too bad about losing one closet, especially since it is right when you walk in the house. The way that the entryway is set up, you open the front door and right to the right is the kitchen entrance, and to the left was just a closed off wall. I wanted a more open feel, and I also wanted somewhere to throw things when I walked in the house, like my purse and jackets and such. I was originally going to go all out and make it wider than the original closet but, after talking to my dad and realizing that there are support beams that would need to be replaced for an extra 6 inches, it wasn’t worth it. So I just took off the door (which I still need to decide what to do with it), painted everything, made a simple coat rack, a bench, and a cushion and it was done! I love how it turned out and how it really does open up the entry way, I also love being able to throw all my stuff there instead of trying to make it to the bedroom with my arms full.

You can kind of see it on the left. Who takes a picture of just a door?
You can kind of see it on the left. Who takes a picture of just a door?
Pre-bench and pre-floors
Pre-bench and pre-floors
All done!
All done!


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