Recycle Bin

Since we got the house we have just been putting a paper bag on the floor next to the trash can for recycling. It definitely didn’t look too cute, but I figured it worked until we thought of something better. I didn’t want to just get another trash bin because they are either ugly or they don’t really fit all the paper bags I get from the grocery store. Once we got the puppies, however, we had to keep putting it on the counter if we wanted to leave them alone in the house for even a minute. They love cardboard. And cans. And bottles. Everything they can get, basically. Then I came across a trash bin on Ana-White that I liked and thought it would be a good idea! I ended up finding a door front at a supply store that was close enough in size to the one in the instructions. I did have to adjust the width of the recycle bin by about a quarter of an inch to fit the new door, but other than that it was a piece of cake! And I just got a Kreg-Jig so I got to try it out! Holy smokes, it is AMAZING! Now I know why everyone goes crazy over this thing. It really does make projects so much easier and quicker to complete! Once I had everything assembled I spray painted everything in a shade of green I got from Lowes. It looks so happy and fitting in the kitchen, and now the puppies can’t pull everything out of the recycling!



A few things I did alter: I attached the hinges on the bottom so that you can’t see them at all. I put one of the hinge parts in between the door front and the support for the door. This was a little tricky because the amount the door swings open depends on how high you place the door on the support. I made it so that it can swing out enough to pull the trash bag out easily. Mine also has a back panel on it to keep everything square and steady. If it is even a little off the door will rub against the side.


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