Puppies Get a Pool

The puppies got a little wading pool a couple of weeks ago. You know, the kiddie pool type. I decided it was about time to empty it out and refill it for them since it was getting pretty gross. Loki did not appreciate me emptying it. At one point he stood in there to prevent me from tipping it over. And it’s not like I could really explain to him what I was doing, poor guy. Once I did empty it out, I grabbed the hose and turned the nozzle on to full speed. Holy smokes, they had so much fun! Kona would chase it around and around the pool (without getting in) trying to bite the water, and Loki was in the pool trying to trap it somehow. It was highly amusing! I think they even got a little sad once the fun had to stop! Enjoy the pictures of all the action!







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