Bathroom Remodel! Part 1

We have updated mostly every part of our house. However, we have put off updating either bathrooms for some reason. I think we figured they were just small rooms so once we did all of the big rooms these would be a piece of cake? I’m not too sure. I did jump the gun a little bit with the guest bathroom by updating the mirror and the fixtures. It did change it quite a bit, but there still wasn’t a shower and those floors are so awful. Like, horrendous. Maybe fake brick vinyl was the thing back in the day. I’m not too sure. Anyways, we are finally getting a shower put in, so we decided to redo the entire guest bathroom while we are at it!

Here is what the bathroom looked like before we touched it:

A little blurry, but notice the lack of shower and the hint of a green toilet seat...
A little blurry, but notice the lack of shower and the hint of a green toilet seat…
The gaudy mirror an all of its glory
The gaudy mirror an all of its glory

Some people can make gold work. I have tried, with jewelry and stuff, before but I just can’t. I definitely can’t in here. So I spray painted the mirror frame (which turned out to be plastic) and scuffed it up so that it was all rustic. Then I bought new fixtures, spray painted the drawer knobs with satin nickle, and gave the walls a makeover. And here is where it got me:


So that part of the bathroom looked okay. As long as you didn’t look at the floor.

Then we started the real stuff. My dad ripped out the wall to get to the shower plumbing, and it turned out that they did have a shower once upon a time, but decided that they didn’t want to deal with it. Super weird, but it made the job easier.  Once we had the new valve for the shower and bath combo, we soldered all of the new pipes together to prevent any leaking. I even got to try it! My first solder (?) was perfect, the next one not so much…

I also ripped out all of the tile. It was surprisingly easy and kind of fun!

What a beauty!
What a beauty!

Next up was putting in the new sheet rock. We went with sheet rock that it specifically for showers even though we don’t really need it. Our surround is all flat panels, so there won’t even be a possibility of leaks like there would be with tile and grout.

Then we put up the sides! We got a Swanstone surround instead of full stone or tiles. We thought about tiles, but cleaning grout is super annoying. We didn’t really look into real stone, but this ended up working really well, so it worked out! And I’m sure it’s much lighter than stone would be.  All we had to do was make sure each piece fit, throw some special glue on the back, and stick it on! Super easy! The back panel was about half an inch too wide so we were able to cut it with the table saw. I was so happy that we didn’t really need any special tools. We braced it against the wall with a couple of boards, and had to let it sit for at least 8 hours.


Then we just attached all of the shower stuff, caulked around any edges and corners, and we were done with the shower!

IMG_2358 IMG_2357

Stay tuned for the floors and the vanity overhaul!






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