Inspiration of the Day

So I am in the process of modge-podging (is that a word yet?) and getting it all put together. I have been too busy to get some canvases though so hopefully by next week I will have that accomplishment up! In the mean time, I came across a post from House of Turquoise. I am loving this one post! For one thing, I always love her posts since she focuses on turquoise and blues and greens. But this one has yellow too! One of my favorite colors. Its so happy!

I’m drooling over these canisters. How adorable are they?! And they would be perfect on my baking rack. I need them!

Some how, some way, I am going to find this fabric. I haven’t tried upholstering anything, but I can sew pretty decently and my dining chairs need some seat pads, so I am thinking they should be pretty quick and easy. These are so happy and fun but neutral enough to not overpower my dining chairs. Yup, I need to go to Jo-Ann’s and find some fabric.

Oh these are my chairs by the way. I spray painted my parents ancient furniture from when they had barely gotten married! They finally updated their dining seating and I got these beauties. I think my mom is jealous.




How cute is this?! Can’t you just picture a nice warm summer BBQ and rolling this over to the table?! Ah, I love it. Have an awesome Easter weekend everyone! I will be hunting for these things now.



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