A little background on these little guys! The BF and I knew from the time we started dating that we wanted puppies. He has an obsession with black labs, and who am I to disagree with how cute they are! So fast forward a few years and now we have a house where the little pups could run around and be happy. We tried to get a couple of puppies in October of 2013, but things just didn’t turn out. It was rough, since we had already gotten attached to them and given them names, but I just kept telling myself that things always work out. Around November I found a couple of more black labs, and did some major research on the sellers. After talking to the seller for forever we decided to go for it! The puppies would be ready to be taken home mid-December, which we decided would be our Christmas gift to each other. I wanted a boy dog, mostly because I didn’t want to deal with the whole heat cycle thing, and the BF wanted a girl dog. People have told us that boy dogs generally like girls more and vice-versa anyways, so we figured it would be perfect!

We met the seller to pick up the puppies, and holy smokes were they ginormous! I couldn’t believe how big they were! They were only 12 pounds, but I thought they would be so much smaller! By the way, I have only had one puppy once, and after a couple months of me being at college he bonded with my mom and now they have separation anxiety. When I got him, he was huge, but I figured they were guessing on his age since he was a pound puppy. Maybe not! Anyways, we decided on the way home that we would name them Kona and Loki. Kona because we love Hawaii and we also LOVE the Kona Brewing Company. Way too much. And Loki because on that first day he seemed like a little mischievous puppy.  They were so adorable! Oh man, now looking back they seem so small. I guess that’s always how it is, right?

The day we brought them home
Trying to get them to pose in their Christmas baskets….
About three months old, wanting to sit in the front

We have had our battles with them. Trying to housetrain two puppies at once is not something I would recommend. Just when you think one of them has got it down, the other one pees in the house and a whole new cycle begins. It took us maybe two months to be really confident that they won’t go in the house. Luckily there was only one incident of poo. I don’t know what we would’ve done otherwise. Both the BF and I have a bad, um, gag reflex. It was rough to say the least.

We have also had to deal with Kona crying and crying for hours in the morning telling us to wake up and feed her. We tried everything, ignoring until it goes away, telling her no, taking her out of her crate and putting her outside. Nothing worked. We finally decided to get a shock collar. I know, I know, it sounds inhumane. But that girl would cry for HOURS and never give up. Also, we only use the vibrating setting so it just startles her. You’d be surprised at how well it works. Now we just get a couple of whimpers in the morning. Everyone is happy!

My little angle, Loki, never cries. He is perfect. Obviously.

They love to play rough with each other, they love to chase, Kona loves to fetch, Loki loves to wrestle with us. They are super cute, and I can’t get enough of them!

Trying to get Loki to pose in the garden (I don't know how people do this...)
Trying to get Loki to pose in the garden (I don’t know how people do this…)
Trying to get Kona to pose. Look at that little smirk. They are about five months old here
Trying to get Kona to pose. Look at that little smirk. They are about five months old here

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