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A little background info on our house. It was built in 1964 and I don’t think anything had changed since then when we first bought it. It had some “vintage” green, shag carpet, no ceiling lights in the living space or hallway, and super old lighting fixtures in the other rooms. One thing that the previous owners had done (they were the original owners, so that was pretty cool) was open up the space between the dining room and the living room and made it one huge room. We love an open floor plan and knowing we wouldn’t have to tear down walls was amazing. We knew going into it that we wanted a fixer upper. The idea of spending a ton of money on a turn-key home without much personality didn’t really appeal too much to us. My BF is in the architecture business, and I just love decorating and building and planning, so we weren’t scared of having projects. To add on to that, my dad knows how to do everything, so you know, that helps.

Here are a couple shots of the house before we touched it:

Image  Image  Image  Image  Image  Yellow2

Once we got the house we didn’t waste any time. We wanted the bedrooms to be done when we moved in so that way we at least had some rooms that weren’t covered in dust and tools. Within about a month and a half (working every weekend and every night after work), we had painted the bedrooms, put in brand new, super soft carpet, put in the new lights and fans, and moved in our bedroom furniture. It was such a relief! That was probably when it really hit me that we had bought a house. It didn’t feel like home yet, but it would get there.

For the next six months (give or take…) we worked tirelessly getting the rest of the house exactly the way we wanted it. We had all of the asbestos ceilings taken out, which was the only thing we haven’t done ourselves. We installed recessed lighting in the living room, dining area, and hallway, replaced the ancient lighting fixtures with new ones, ripped out the shag carpet and installed this gorgeous hardwood flooring, took out the small door leading to the back and installed French doors to open up to our someday grand yard, painted everything, gave the kitchen some pizzazz with blue paint and some cabinet knobs, made an area for our computer/puppy room, shifted the hole in our brick wall to be our new T.V. mount, replaced a beam or two to open up the living space even more, and I am sure a bunch more but I can’t even remember anymore. Basically, it’s been a ton. But now, I couldn’t be happier with how it has been turning out!

Picture23  Picture1  IMG_2084  IMG_2085  Master3  Yellow8

Of course, we aren’t done. You’re never done with a house, right? But it is definitely home now!

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